Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Streamline no.4, Cardal Publishing, Manchester

This arrived in the post today - £5 off eBay - a new lead in my Manchester and Comics detective work -
The back cover gives me an address for Cardal, so next time I'm in town I'll try to make time to wander up there. Inside also mentions a printers I've not come across yet - The Assurance Agents Press, 132-4 Great Ancoats St - just around the corner from Ducie St. Could even be the same building, on the corner of both streets.
The comic itself is from 1947, a flimsy 20 pages, B&W throughout, and at first glance really looks like it was drawn over a weekend - I might grow to like it when I get a chance to actually read it.
Denis Gifford's Complete Catalogue of British Comics lists just the 4 issues of Streamline, and nothing else from Cardal. This contradicts the inside back cover advert which mentions 'the amazing adventures of Ken Pentard and "The Amphibastra" in the All-colour feature entitled "THE TEST OF THE AMPHIBASTRA" in our Reprint Issue of New Worlds Comic - 3d'.
Coincidentally, Denis Gifford's artwork also features in the comic - a single page of Inky the imp of the inkpot.


Dan The Man said...

It's great fun researching into old British comics/artists (something I've been doing for a book I'm working on), but also very frustrating with very little information available! You have to become a detective.

I'm looking for a comic called Super Streamline Comics (Streamline 1955), features a reprint of Masterman #1 (1952).
If you have it or know anything about it I'd love to know. Thanks
Dan Rachael

Jim Medway said...

Thanks Dan, wish I could help!The only Streamline I know is this one from Cardal Publishing. Is it a British comic you are looking for? Do you know the artist?