Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Call for Submissions

I'm putting a kids comic together called Garden Funnies, and am looking for contributions. The format will be small (A6 size) enough to fit into a specially produced seed packet (with seeds), black and white with one spot colour. I'm aiming to publish this summer, with enough copies so that all contributors will receive 30 copies for themselves. The number of pages will depend on the amount of submissions I receive, so please, if interested then get in touch. There's room for puzzles and games, one-panel cartoons and most kinds of good clean fun.

Here's a little sneak preview to show the high level of scripting and characterization I'm expecting from you all -


Richard Tingley said...

How would I go about submitting something?

Jim Medway said...

I guess you could email it as a photoshop file with the spot colour on a separate layer. If you're keen and would like to do a few pages that would be great, especially considering the pages are so small!
Thanks for the interest! An honour to meet The Cad in person!

ed syder said...

hi jim
count me in, (for a one pager)