Monday, 9 July 2007

Garden Funnies

Here at the Paw Quality Comics HQ, submissions are starting to pour in from all over the globe. Already on board for the most eagerly anticipated horticultural minicomic compilation - Alex Potts (first one in, thanks Alex), Tanya Meditsky of MilkKitten, Richard Tingley, and Aaron Renier all the way over in beautiful Brooklyn. Each of these amazing artists shall be receiving 30 copies of Garden Funnies for their own distribution, hoarding and archiving. We'll be producing somewhere between 500 and 1000 copies, which will be made available to the public in time for Harvest Festival.
Now is your chance to contribute and be part of this special project! We are welcoming your original vegetable comic gags, strips and stories.
I have extended the submission deadline to 'end of summer', by which I mean the first week in September. The format is small (A6) but will be thick enough to allow for contributions of up to 4 sides, though individual pages are also encouraged. Artwork needs to be good clean fun (as in suitable for kids) and as photoshop files with one spot colour (use black, or greys for shades, printed as green).
Any questions, don't be shy -


Jim Medway said...

UPDATE - now also received a cracking page from Ed Superdead.

Jim Medway said...

Richard Tingley's gorgeous pages now in too.