Thursday, 4 October 2007

Canalside Folk Art

I think it's time to share my archive of towpath cannabis grafitti. These pieces were collected last summer, mainly on the beautiful Caldon Canal which branches off from Stoke. Unfortunately the camera missed a wonderful 'Harry Pothead' piece (travelling too fast), but hopefully there's enough inspiring work here to keep you satisfied.

In fact more and more it seems 'youth culture' is making itself felt on the inland waterways of Great Britain.


steve said...

yes, the "hips" on that barge dont lie! ha har.

Rolling Stock Press said...

i'm still having "Shakiros" as my first son's name

Troy said...

What the fuck is it with dopers and attention-seeking? You don't get smackheads cheering on their narcotic of choice. You never see somebody extolling the virtues of Diamond White in a graphic format. Why does Sweet Mary Jane elicit this (crappy) artistic response?