Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Bump - 24 hour comic

Now online and viewable on my proper site - the 24 page story produced in 24 hours as part of the 24 hour comics event (see previous post). Let me know what you think!


steve said...

hi jim- i looked at it when you posted originally but i didnt comment, and no-one likes a "0 comments" when you've tried hard so here it is.

i thought the strip was really great, quite understated but really atmospheric. i think the isolated images with no border is a really nice touch and gives it a dreamy nostalgic quality which is fitting for the subject.

the brushy pen works too, its a good middle ground between the graphic and the painterly- i've bought one but i've not really used it properly yet.

personally i dont think i could ever be arsed doing a 24 hour comic, but you've got something substantial out of it, so they probably are good. i think i'd do 4 pages and then go to bed.

Rolling Stock Press said...

they're worth doing once and once only. i'm glad i did it but i won't be doing it again in a hurry.

Jim Medway said...

Dear Steve,
gad you liked it. I was very wary of the brush pen and was struggling a fair bit with it (being used to just using technical drawing pens), so used the 24hr thing as an opportunity to hammer it out with the pen and see what I can do with it. Not used it much since, but that's more because I have to go to work than anything else. The best thing is how fast it is - can really keep up with you so you have to think on your feet and go with it - quite liberating!