Monday, 17 December 2007

Season's Greetings

It was my busiest week ever last week, delivering comics sessions in Leeds, Rochdale and Manchester to 7 different groups, 2 of them twice. One of the sessions was with a new graphic novels reading group from a Moss Side library - we went comics shopping with £500 to spend - lots of fun!
anyway because I've been working so much, I can justify having 3 weeks off over Christmas. I can also justify not getting round to doing a Christmas card this year, so I'm posting this instead - which I was asked to draw for the Gallery's festive mailout. I'll make up for it by doing an Easter special in the new year.

Garden Funnies update - I'll be using this time off to get everything finished off and to print, so DEFINITELY out by the end of Jan.

New Years Resolution - Get some comics made and stop teaching so much. I do enjoy the teaching, and it has it's rewards both financial and creative, but recently it has swallowed me up and consumed so much time and energy that I'd lost sight of why I was doing it in the first place - to buy me time to do my own work. While it's nice being in demand for running sessions, if I'm not being an artist, then I'm really just a teacher.

Also, meet my new owls - a late birthday present to myself -

Hurrah for eBay - just search for 'fairground ride' or in this case 'kiddies ride'. I've seen some amazing dodgem cars and suchlike - need a van though really. And time. And money.


steve said...

have a good christmas jim- looking forward to seeing the garden funnies.

Rolling Stock Press said...

have you named the owls yet?

Jim Medway said...

I'll name the owls when they've had a good rub down and repaint. Then I expect their names will be clearer as I can see who they really are.