Friday, 4 January 2008

Official pregnancy announcement

Just had our 12 week scan and all seems good so far, so I'm allowed to officially announce to the world (of Ollie and maybe 3 other readers) the exciting news that Katy and I are to have a baby child.
I've now got until mid-July to get everything I ever meant to do done, so better get busy.
As for names, I like Sooty or Sweep, and Katy likes Pugsley.


Alec said...

Holy Moly! Congratulations Jim!!! I love the name "Sweep" :)

Rolling Stock Press said...

waaaay! well done you fertile devil you! clare sends her best n'all.

you can have Shakiros if it's a boy if you want.


ed syder said...

the perfect excuse to dress your child up as a cat. well done you guys x

Kev said...

congrats! although if you name the baby pugsely, does that mean that he/she will be covered in yellow hair with a permanent sling around his arm?

Matt Badham said...

Wow!!! Congrats!