Friday, 1 February 2008

Carlisle Treasure

Just completed 4 days in Carlisle (Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery), running 2x 2 day workshops for 6th-form groups around the Cult Fiction touring comics exhibition. All went well, very nice groups, but I am very tired. Especially as I had to carry a heavier bag back with me, having found Bookcase secondhand books. Had to ration myself and not visit all 4 floors, but did come away with these great finds. Above - beautiful French kids months of the year book.

Beano 1970 has been evading me for a while, but I now have a straight run from 63 to 88 (after which they are rubbish).
Beezer 1962, which I've already got but not in such nice condition.

1971 history of comics - only flicked through so far but looks fairly good.

Similar sort of thing, but interestingly a few mentions of Manchester and a publisher named James Henderson (1906 onwards- Comic Life, Sparks, Scraps, Funny Folk... )- might do a bit of research on him at some point.

Quite ugly but interesting Romanian kids comics, and -

1955 publication - "In this book Mr Pumphrey not only discusses comics in general but lists and classifies for the first time most of the children's periodicals on sale in this country. These lists will be available to parents and teachers, who in the past have had no means of obtaining this information."
I'll report more on this once I've got stuck into it.


Rolling Stock Press said...

wow, they all look great. i've just finished "it's a good life, if you don't weaken" by Seth, in which he goes about researching some old cartoonist he found in old copies of The New Yorker he'd bought in a chazzer. that could be you. but with cats.

hope all's well and we should pint it soon before it's too late.


Richard Tingley said...

I have the 1971 history of comics.
It's quite an enjoyable read and the illustrations are excellent.