Monday, 24 March 2008

UK Web & Minicomics Thing 2008

Had a very nice Saturday playing shopkeeper - check out my wares -

I wasn't particularly organised, as though I started off noting down what I sold, at some point I just stopped. Subtracting what I have left from what I took down with me, I got rid of -
8 x Shorty Loves Wing Wong
12 x TeenWitch
10 x Garden Funnies
0 yes 0 x PQC pennants (though did give a couple away and swapsies). Will do a proper photo of these as I picked them up the day before heading down there and they are fantastic!
1 x tattoo sheet, again gave a few out as treats
0 x posters (the philistines)

(at some point I will sort out a working online shop, with all this clutter available for all to buy)

Sold a good handful of Alex Pott's Lost Shoe comics, and Oliver East's Trains are Mint went down very well (a massive £53 winging it's way to him).

All in all I broke even and covered my costs. Until we all went to the pub, and I forgot to remember that trains stop at midnight which cost me £45 in a taxi back to my dads. Easy come easy go.
I knew I wouldn't be returning home with an empty bag and bulging wallet, and actually the most rewarding thing about the Thing was meeting Mr's Tillotson and Tingley, both Garden Funnies contributors. Many other fantastic folks, too many to list.
did return home with a nice pile of people's stuff, which I may post a little of here at some point, once I've got a bit of proper work done. I will mention the incredible 'Muppet Maybes' by Roger Langridge - strips originally produced for a Disney magazine which got cancelled. Made me all warm inside.


Matt Badham said...

Glad you had a good one, Jim. Shame I couldn't make it to London for the pub meet or Camden or the Thing.


Richard Tingley said...

It was cool to meet you too, sorry if I rambled on...I do do that.

fabtoons said...

Great to see you on saturday, sorry I missed you at the pub. Went in the back entrance and didn't realise there was another room...

Jim Medway said...

Good to see you too - and thanks for showing me the French Legumes book! What was the title again? I might try to find myself a copy.
Thoroughly enjoyed 'Party Pieces' and 'Solitary Habit', as did my girlfriend!