Friday, 11 April 2008

Playing Football

A nice find at Katy's parents house - one of her brothers old books - Playing Football by M. Graham-Cameron. I expect most British readers will be familiar with Althea's Dinosaur Books, a real institution of the 70's -

I've just found her site, and I'm pleased to report she is still creating her own books, but unfortunately no longer publishing other peoples books.
I'm drawn to Playing Football by these intriguing illustrations which somehow remind me of Chaing Lee's work (previous post) - simplified and flattened figures rendered in a slightly trembling line.
What is it about this economy of line and colour that I find so appealing? Answers below please!


oliver east said...

last image is similar to stuart kolakovic's stuff. not the colours but the people remind me of him.

nice find

oliver east said...

i meant the last but one image.