Thursday, 3 April 2008

Workshops outline

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Here's an outline of what the school gets when it signs up for 4 days of creating comics with me, through Manchester Art Gallery's Artist's in Schools sessions.
They're in the middle of organising an exhibition of work produced by classes that have worked with myself and the other artists involved - will post on this v.soon.


Marek Bennett said...

Jim --

Alec Longstreth turned me on to your site! This is great; I like how it enables me to imagine your classes in cartoon format.

Do you teach humans, too, or just cats?

-- Marek Bennett

Jim Medway said...

Nice to have you here!
I've just subscribed to feeds from your blog, so I can steal all your ideas!
Alec was truly inspiring when I did the CCS summer workshops 2 years ago, as of course Steve Bissette was.