Sunday, 4 May 2008


Those who missed You and Yours on R4 on Friday (and there's probably more than one of you) can listen again here. The second feature, after something about DEFRA and milk, is about the new DFC comic, with David Fickling and Philip Pullman discussing the project.
And my mum has just told me that I've just missed Go For It, R4's children's programme (first I've heard of it) has been all about comics - including the DFC. I've not listen to it yet, but will tomorrow.

In other news, those who've seen the new Mike Leigh film Happy-Go-Lucky will still be trembling with excitement having seen a copy of Shorty Loves Wing Wong in pride of place in the bookshop scene. The rest of the film was good too. I've still got a handful of the Faber edition for sale (£8), and a couple of the extra special first editions signed by me and Michael Smith (£25, or £100 with 1 of 100 special accompanying etchings). These will be worth millions, especially as Mike Leigh has now immortalised it.

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