Thursday, 15 May 2008

New Linoprints

Recent linocuts produced in reponse to a new logo brief for a shipping company based at Salford Quays. Not quite what they were after, so won't be used, but I think I might start my own firm now I have a logo. I thought the heron represented timeless and effortless grace and soloidity, as well as suggesting a positive ecological element (one full cargohold of grain can replace 100 wagons on the road). I did the yellow and grey on the same inking, before cutting away to print the black outline.
The crane (from a photo taken next to their dry docks) is quite a landmark down there. In black it looks a bit brutal, so I mocked up a more positive one, inspired by old transport and shipping posters -



I was about 1 foot away from a heron last night right near your house on the canal. I could've touched it but didn't like messing with that pointy beak.

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