Thursday, 24 July 2008


As no-one wants this to turn into a parenting blog (though I could go on about how brilliant Johnny is for ages), I'm going to have to keep these posts related to comics and workshops. And as I've no time to do any proper posts while the boy settles in, you are going to have to make do with scraps and finds as I get my life back in order. Posts on workshop sessions will resume soonish.
So, for the time being, here's me drawn by some kids. It's something I might ask them to do if they are super fast, or if I've time to sit down opposite and draw them at the same time and do a swap.

Kirsten was a complete whiz, staying for the whole of a 2 hour drop-in, drawing about 10 different 2 card characters, then doing this great picture of me.
I didn't catch his name, and he didn't really get it when I asked him to draw himself. Instead he copied my example off the wall and then wandered off before finishing it.

And this is me as a pig, by Georgina, and it's very good.

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nirm said...

What cool drawings