Friday, 31 October 2008

Paw Quality Clutter Store

OK I've rushed this a bit and so it looks a little rough, but fingers crossed, I should have a working online shop when you click upon
I'll neaten it up at some point soon, but in the meantime, please help me provide for my poor tiny baby.
I'm offering free postage for a few weeks, just to see if anyone is interested in any of this tat, even if you live in a different country! This offer must end soon though.


Lester Sands said...

Looks good, Jim. Will people be able to use the Xmas cards, or are they an 'art object'?

Jim Medway said...

The cards are not pristine enough to be treasured, but nice enough to be appreciated by whoever receives them. come January, people tend to keep them rather than chuck them with the other cards!

Lester Sands said...

I couldn't remember if they were 'Jim and Katey' cards or if they were blank. I can, however, recommend them heartily for anybody looking for xmas cards that say 'Look at me, I give you this object of beauty, not some cheap piece of Tesco Value shit'.

Anonymous said...

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