Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Feel free to ignore this -

- not everyone gets excited by the Muppets. I do though, and I truly believe Kermit is one of the top 3 things to come out of television - SO, I have mixed feelings about this - Online Design your own Muppet Then They Send it You for $90. I found it browsing here, a blog which justifies buying beautiful stuff as it's for your beautiful kid - constant amazing finds and design gems. anyway, I love that you can create your own Muppet, but object to how easy it is. Kids nowadays should be making their own puppets, instead of behooded yobbing, knifing and gaming.


Lester Sands said...

Never mind that. Have you seen this?


Billy The Cat!!

fabtoons said...

I forced my kids to make stuff and made them toys out of old cereal packets and socks and now I can't understand why they want Xboxes and ipods. Are they degenerates or am I just out of step with the modern world?