Tuesday, 23 December 2008

December Update

I've been very slack updating here recently. I promise to pull my socks up with some fresh and exciting content for the New Year.
Towards the end of January I'm painting the walls in Common again, which shall be lots of fun. some of you may have seen the stuff I did last time. More information very soon.
Need to knuckle down between xmas and new year - lots of ends to tie up, as well as getting started properly on Crab Lane Crew season 2. It's all go!


Lester Sands said...

It's Xmas, and you have a small child. The World can just wait. Best of the Season to you all.

ed syder said...

Thanks for the christmas gift Jim, really impressed! Me and Lou are moving on January 8th, but there's a chips/leaving do on jan 3rd if you can make it?