Friday, 27 March 2009


Back home now, after 3 intensive days teaching comics in the brand new gorgeous Cardiff Library. Thankyou Heather and Sam for looking after me!
4 groups from 3 secondary schools, and all of them lovely, even the ones who stole the pens, and the ones who spat over the 4th floor balcony. They produced some great work and seemed to really enjoy both the library and the sessions, which I'd spent a bit of time refining and tweaking - (it's about time I posted some more exercises, so I'll use that to outline a few improvements I've made).

Managed a little sketching in the evenings-

I've left out all the furniture and drinkers, just because I was trying to work out the elaborate stainless steel microbrewery running all over the place (Zero Degrees). Excellent beer, great pizza but completely over-designed. This is one of the lightfittings I've tackled separately -

Very nice place Cardiff, especially The Vulcan, though the car park developers seem to think it would be better as rubble under a car park - so I bought the T-shirt -

Also worthy of note - the arcades off St Mary's St, and in particular The Pen and Paper, which is not a pub, but a pen and paper shop, where I bought a couple of propelling pencils. This lead me to wonder how upset I'd be if I lost my pencil case, so I totted up the contents.

I can justify this, if anyone needs me to.

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Oliver East said...

jesus, that's a lot on pens