Monday, 11 May 2009

Mural at St Matthews RC High

Just got a disc in the post from the very kind Mr Tamburro, containing his great photos of the finished school mural - thanks Sir!
See how many scenes of Moston past and present you can identify -

-and here it in in it's entirety as seen from the assembly/lunch hall below -

I must thank Joanne Davies at Manchester Art Gallery for organising the whole project, Carmel Hardy for looking after me so nicely, Mr Pirelli for the coffees, Mr Tamburro for the pictures, and all the students who gave their time (during Science, Maths, RE, English...) to help complete the mural - a very nice bunch of young people to work with.
I should also credit Fr Brian Seale's The Moston Story and Central Libraries brilliant Manchester Image Collection, where I found almost all the original images to work from.

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Ed said...

this is gggggggrrrrrreat!!!