Monday, 13 July 2009

Hayfield Car Boot Sale

Moosewood cookbook - 75p - worth it for just this gazpacho recipe which I've done a few times before, having been wowed by it at some nice Canadians for tea. (Bob and Jen also kindly introduced me to Bob Log III, Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, Neko Case and most bestestly The Sadies - Earth's best band, still).

'Majorette Fourgon' Ice Cream Van - £1 - just so I can show the tattooist what I want on my thigh -

Scabby old cat puppet - 50p - just so I can show the tattooist the markings I want across my back -

Baby's Counting Book - Shuichi Nakahara - 10p - did this artist do one about different animals poo? One of you will know. Anyway, lovely -

And I bought other stuff, but it's too special to share. all this from about 20 stalls! A fine way for father and son to celebrate Johnny's first birthday,- he's going to get dragged round plenty more of these.


Lizz said...

The 5 Kittens and 10 owl pages there are amazing!

Jim Medway said...

maybe I'll treat you and post a couple more!