Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Turn to page 8 of Rob Jackson's brand new Pasty Anthology and see my contribution. Also featured - Steve Butler, Francesca Cassavetti (I always have to check your spelling F!), Dave Hughes, Anthony Mercer, Rob Jackson himself and Matt Badham. Treat yourself to a copy! Now! Here! It's very funny - though I hope Greggs don't throw him in prison.

I scanned these in ages ago, and was waiting for something smart to say about them, but have failed. They're very sweet though, and from the olden days.

and may I offer my congratulations to Marks and Spencer on their excellent decision to bring back some of their 1950's packaging to celebrate their recent 125th anniversary. There's jam jars too. Lovely.

Finally, another go with the carbon papers, this time without the black outline - seems to work nicely. What do you think out there?

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