Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Skateboard designs

These might be of interest to someone beginning with E, and ending in D Syder - a handful of rough ideas for Supreme skateboards which I never heard nothing back on. There might be thousands of kids out there riding on these for all I know. The top one came about from noticing all skateboard designs are like someone playing a trumpet at you really close. The others are just drawings of what skaters seem to do most of the time, other than talk about stickers and stuff.


Oliver East said...

oooooh, Hunter wants!

Ed Syder said...

These are great Jimbo. Anyway, these guys who run Central skatepark up in Manchester (by band on the wall) are starting a skateboard company and I'm the (ahem) art director. Guess what it's called? Superdead Skateboards! And guess what else? I'll see to it that these deck designs get printed up in the future. Or else I'll quit!!!

Jim Medway said...

Hurrah for Ed! See, it's not what you know but who you know.