Friday, 11 September 2009

2.5 - Character pose sheets

Having seen something similar in one of those old learn to cartoon books, I thought it might be good to produce my own version to use in my workshops. This A3 lightly printed sheet now slots in just after draw yourself, and really seems to help kids bring their Charlie Brown versions of themselves to life with movement and body language. I know it only helps them create one style of character, but it keeps things simple enough for all participants, and even the boys who want to learn Wolverine's muscle structure have to start somewhere.

All these examples are from my first sessions using them, at a very nice primary in Chorlton (thank you to the brilliant Kieran, Kerry, Jenny, Izzy and Emily for letting me make photocopies of their work). Being pushed for time, I only let them draw the centre figure then one or two other selected poses before having to move on. These wonderful sheets were brought in the following day, having been completed at home -

(click to enlarge)

This was also the first out of near on 30 schools I've worked in where someone had subscribed to The DFC.

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