Friday, 11 June 2010

My Hero

- from Heritage Commercials magazine a few years ago (come on, you've bought one of these mags at some point haven't you?). Pretty impressive in my opinion.

Lots of teaching at the moment, plus putting a lot of hours into Heroes and Monsters artwork and illustrations. A teaser -

I'm enjoying my new Sailor fountain pen with the funny nib, as recommended by Dan Berry. Still can't control it, but I guess that makes the results more interesting.
Finding this internet pretty dull at the moment (apart from eBay) - am I missing something amazing?


Mike Noon said...

I'm guessing Heritage Commercials is a car/vehicle magazine and not one dedicate to old adverts? I know which one I'd most enjoy. Clue: I have a few treasured copies of Flake, the cereal box collectors' magazine and Spin Again, similar but for board game addicts.

Jim Medway said...

See? Who needs the internet?

Mike Noon said...

To be fair, the mags are pre-internet. From the days when we bought things to hold.