Thursday, 5 August 2010


I'm so excited about Comical Animal (if you've not signed up yet then why not?), and it keeps me awake buzzing around my head. To unwind of an evening, I've developed another brainless but productive activity - latch-hook rugmaking. Above rug is a portrait of Ruby the cat about 50cm square, which took maybe a month of evenings, and shall be presented to a little cousin at Christmas.
Current project below, is a big custard cream, 1 metre across, which will probably take me up to November. If it goes well, they may be a series of accompanying rugs (jammy dodger, bourbon, sports biscuit, party ring, that marshmallowy one ... I'm open to suggestions.
I'll make you one for £500.

(this represents one evening's latch-hooking, or 2 packs of pre-cut wool).

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athletico said...

Love these. How about the challenge of a cadburys chocolate finger?