Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Derry trip sketches

Above are all of me. If I'd got everyone at the festival to do me a drawing in return for all the Chewbaccas and zombie portraits I did for them, I'd have lots and lots and lots.
Cait (with one of those lines above the A) designed this which I then copied. I really struggled as people were spelling their names to me 3, 4, 5 times and I still looked blank at them. Down to partial deafness and cultural ignorance on my behalf.
Sat in on Neil Cameron's great robot school session, and designed Squirrel Icebot.
The nice guy who works for DC has given him a contract for 48 issues (at least I think he wanted to but has to check first).
This robot is an amusing pun! and this Jude Law below is an unfinished sketch of who I saw being shown around the Museum of Free Derry. His head really is oversized, and he radiates 'star quality'. I also saw Johnny Rotten in Manchester Airport, but didn't draw him.

Jam comics with other roboteers D'Israeli, Gary Northfield and Deadly Knitshade -

-and also sat in on a 'masterclass' session which was well hard - construct a page of Batman fro the opriginal script and directions. This is what I managed.

All in all a great weekend, generously looked after by all at the Verbal Arts Centre, and met plenty of great artists and humans - my favorite being Davy Francis who drew for Oink!. Phillip Barrett gave me some great minicomics, and I enjoyed talking comics teaching with him.

Inspired to get some super comics made now, though we've got builders in fitting new windows so all is chaos at the moment.

Oh, and the new Comical Animal issue is up, if you've not seen it yet.

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