Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bodelwyddan Castle

I've realised that I spent pretty much all of this summer working on something, and then never got around to putting it up here, so here it is. This isn't all of it, but represents the main body of illustrations. Bodelwyddan Castle near Rhyl houses a selection of the National Portrait Gallery's 19th Century collection. Katy and I were asked to create a family portrait trail to make the experience more fun for kids. We devised loads of games, drawing and writing activities and open-ended questions, then Green Land Design did a great job of laying it all out and making it look like a neat desirable package.
I spent a lot of time researching the various figures portrayed in a number of the portraits, and collected images from their lives to work from. We then threw them together in an imaginary banquet, and let them show off about their various achievements and life stories.

Clockwise from the left - Ellen Terry, Amelia Ann Edwards, John Speke, Florence Nightingale, HM Stanley, John Gully, Grace Darling and James Brooke-

- and their accompanying images - (click to enbigger) -

combined to form this foldout poster 44 x 42cm -

To see the rest, including the kids activities and other nice drawings - please visit the delightful Bodelwyddan Castle and tell them I sent you.

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