Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Global Policy Dialogue on Sustainability and the City comic

Possibly my most interesting and unusual brief to date - to draw the proceedings of the day at the above event. Being in Edinburgh, it was also probably the furthest I've travelled for work. It was pretty tough going. Partly because adults are harder to draw than kids, teens or animals, as well as more easily offended. They are also offended if they get left out, so I just got on with the job. It was a bit like being a court artist, just not with brown pastel paper.

The resulting drawings are below, and the final 'comic' which everyone went home clutching is now downloadable too (see link at the bottom). The day itself was very interesting, with some great provoking arguements and xxxx-stirring; the image of the ostriches is meant as a prompt for a caption competition, following observations made on one panel member's passion for cars and consumerism as 'having his head in the sand'. Both were very eloquent and persuasive. I'm not sure how interesting it might be for anyone not there, or not interested in 'the city' - see what you think.

The downloadable version (click the badly cropped image below) also features the City Manifesto drawn up by the delegates on the day.

Townie Annual 2012

By Jim Medway in Paw Quality Conferencing Services

12 pages, published 3 APR 2012

Comic produced to document the Global Policy Dialogue on Sustainability and the City, March 30th 2012, organised by the University of Edinburgh and the British Council.


Jenny Soep said...

Fun to see this! It's great to see your style and humour - great body language captured :)

Hannah N said...

These are great! Can you let me know which ones are left? You didnt happen to make a copy of Fat Fuckin' Fucker did you?

Jim Medway said...

Hi Hannah,
unless it's marked as sold, it's still available. Shall do another yard sale at the end of Oct. cheers,Jim