Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I want to be a signwriter now, instead of a comic artist.

(click to enlarge)

Recently completed for the recently opened Beagle pub/food place in Chorlton. I've not been up there yet, but the menu looks amazing, as does their beer list. Both these signs are 160cm wide, and I LOVED doing them. Been slowly amassing the right brushes (Handovers, and Wrights of Lymm) and a good range of One-Shot lettering enamels, then finally had this excuse to get stuck into a nice project.
Painted 'The Beagle' in a very traditional almost canal boat style, and then 'Old School Wild Style' (my sarcastic distain for 'spraycan art' and equally traditional grafitti style vandalism) in a more gypsy caravan / rustic fairground feel.

Had a warm up by painting our house number, jigsawed clumsily out of marine ply -

This is what I want to do from now on. Just letting you know, in case you have a drab shopfront, canal boat, vintage commercial vehicle or fairground ride that needs freshening up.

In Other news, Playing Out might be progressing towards it's eventual printed book state - I'm told January.


Alex Potts said...

Very nice Jim!
I especially like the colours on the first one. You can paint the signs on my pub after I win the lottery.

Ash RA said...

Have you got one of those 'leaners' like a magic wand with a button mushroom on the end?

Jim Medway said...

IT's a Mahl stick, and yes, I have 15 of them which I made for a group one time.
Alex - what's the name of your pub then?

Alex Potts said...

Sorry, I didn't realise you'd commented back. I'll probably get a pub that already exists and keep the existing name, but I haven't got it yet so I don't know.