Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Barleycup the Goat

Been sorting out the loft at home. Plans are to put a floor down then a velux window, and make a comics den/make some space for when little Popeye arrives. Stumbled upon these Barleycup strips which I did in 1992, so will have been 17 or 18. Haven't a clue what inspired the one above, but I think the story below is one that I lifted from some kind of 'Big Book of Cons and Hoaxes' or some such thing.
click to enlarge

I do remember drawing these, in bed, a half hour at a time. Other than making a couple of photocopies I never did anything with these, until NOW when the whole of the online world can put off getting on with anything by reading them.

There are plenty of other finds (including one or two short comic stories) which I may post in the future. Or I might not.


oliver east said...

You'd think you would have grown out of comics by now.

These are lovely, especially '24hr hay and straw'. Ha!

Alex said...

It's the "24 hay and straw" that rings a bell with me. I think I must have seen it around the time that you first drew it.

You should really put Milk Theft Comics on here as well. I'd love to see that again.

steve said...

these are excellent. more please jim medway!