Saturday, 8 March 2008

Our Teacher's a Giraffe!

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My contribution to the giraffe-themed brochure accompanying the forthcoming UK Web and Minicomics Thing on the 22nd March in London. As well as the full range of 2 comics, I'll be stocking some Rolling Stock Press and Lost Shoe Comics. I'm also working on some highly impressive display stands AND hopefully will be unveiling the new PQC logo!


steve said...

great stuff! i like the more brushy lines

fabtoons said...

Nice one! I have contributed too .
I shall definitely be submitting to your next Garden Funnies but won't get started until after webcomix thing as I am trying to get something finished for that. When you say short, is that one page or can it be more?

Jim Medway said...

Dear Fabtoons -
would love you to contribute something, which could be 3, 4 or potentially more pages. Any longer and I could serialise it!

Alex said...

This is a work of genius! I like the ending!
I also like the brushy lines.
Keep it up!