Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Frou the Hare

As one of those people that appreciates maps anyway (is there a word for that? Cartophile?), it made me go 'oooh!' when I turned the page and saw this topographical explanation of Frou being chased by a hound. I enjoy how these illustrations are unafraid of depicting the story as information - as diagrams or lists -

On Ebay there's loads of original French editions of this series, but on top of wanting English versions, there's something quite joyless about finding these things online, despite the 'game' of bidding. As more and more secondhand book sellers realise that they can do good business through Ebay, is leaves fewer and fewer treasures to just stumble upon or rescue from beneath piles of Giles or Garfield. Occasionally I do get the odd Beezer or Beryl the Peril annual off Ebay, but it really does take the fun out of it. The fact that people know the proper price for these things now really spoils it, though I've never been one for needing the mint condition copy (most likely 80% of my childrens book and annual collection are scribbled and crayoned in, or have their 'this book belongs to' section filled out. If I was Amelie I'd return them all to their original owners). Whatever happened to jumble sales?

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Michelle Liebgott-Osinga said...

I love this book too. We picked it up for 10 cents on the church used book rack along with Mischif the squirel. That one is great too.