Friday, 18 April 2008


Katy and I had a few days in Whitby the other week (North Yorkshire coast, home of Captain Cook, site where Dracula - as a slavering hound - leapt ship and came ashore). Excellent cakes and pies. Quality fish and chips (Magpie Cafe). Best meal in a long time (Ditto Restaurant). Best museum ever (might warrant a post of it's own). Pleasant chug round on the world's only surviving six-wheeled steambus Elizabeth -

As you can imagine, I got very excited when we came around the corner of Grape Lane and saw Endeavour Books -

-contrary to the very appealing sign above the shop, and good solid namesake (one of Cooks sailing ships), I came away downhearted, with only one find -

I remember encountering the American (imposter) Dennis the Menace as a child, and being completely confused as to how this could have happened. Whilst I enjoy Ketchums artwork (and someone else's version of it here)-

- he's got nothing on our own original Dennis and his genius creator David Law. I will write about him at some point soon, arguing that he's long overdue a treasury/anthology/ no - Complete Dennis (followed by Complete Beryl the Peril).
Elsewhere in Whitby I got this for 50p, convinced it will come in handy if I ever need to draw crying princess cats or a riotous jailbreak -

Best find though, and at a mere £2.50 - Frou the Hare - part of the gorgeous French series by Rojan - see previous post.
Here's a teaser - will do a full post on it next.

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