Friday, 30 May 2008

Listen to me talking

I was hoping to do a post this morning in response to receiving my first copy of the DFC through the letterbox, but it's not arrived! I really hope it's just me, otherwise there'll be a lot of disappointed children (and parents) this morning.
when I went down for the launch a few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Alex Fitch of Resonance FM for his regular comics show Panel Borders. Broadcast yesterday evening, the show features the speeches from David Fickling, Nick Abadzis and Philip Pullman, and interviews with a few contributing artists including myself (last 5 minutes of the show). Have a listen here, while you do your colouring in or washing up or whatever.
I had been a bit worried about it, as I'd had a few celebratory beers and so could have been slurring or repeating myself, but I reckon they have a filter that has corrected it all as I think I come across OK.


oliver east said...

someone's came

steve said...

i quite like alex fitch, but the people he interviews are generally extremely pretentious, that's resonance fm for you i suppose. i thought you came across well though, but why does your voice start off really high pitched?