Tuesday, 3 June 2008

New drawing den

Done my first few days working in my new office/studio/comics den/loft, and I'm well pleased with it. I've managed to fit in all my annuals, comics and piles of paper, leaving room for a desk to draw at. Will miss working in Manchester (and hanging out with the other office chaps, nipping out to see what's new in Travelling Man, lunch from Barburrito, Yadgar, Rustica, Bread and Butter etc), but just can't justify 1 - the cost of commuting, and 2 - the hour and a half wasted sat on the train. Plus makes sense to be on hand for bring up Popeye, who is now 6 weeks away. Going to have to make sure I don't get too isolated, so will make sure to drink fine ales on a regular basis, whether in town or with folks invited out here.
So no shopping or eating distractions, but the view might obstruct doing as much drawing as I should (note the passing coal boat)-

(click to enlarge)


Alex said...

It looks nice from what I can make out. I'll come and have a pint with you one day.


We'll miss you too Jim!

How did you manage to fit it all in?!