Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Ahlbergs

Missed this on Radio 4 yesterday, but thanks to Listen Again got to hear it this morning - Alan Ahlberg at 70. Alan and Janet Ahlberg's books had a massive influence on my own artwork as a kid, and continue to do so. I've always been captivated by their subject matter, sense of humour, the generosity with which they fill the page, and Janet's beautiful pen and watercolour illustrations. With my mum I caught an exhibition of their work in Halifax last year (touring from Seven Stories in Newcastle), and was amazed to see how much of her work was produced actual size, and how much of it there is.
The Old Joke Book kept me occupied for hours and hours, and since 1976 hasn't aged at all, still brilliant and inspiring.

Also on yesterday's Listen Again, Michael Bond (at 80) talks about his new Paddington book, 50 years after his first. I like Paddington.

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