Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Badgers At My Window

(click to enlarge)

This is what happens when you give a 16-year old boy a Rotring Rapidograph pen. Badgers At My Window was completed in the moments between going to bed and going to sleep, over many months. I remember being very proud of it, and I now think it's aged fairly well. Looking at the originals, my current self is impressed at my former self's readiness to stick and paste other sketchbook scraps, or whole panels clearly lifted straight from whatever I had at hand. I seemed to have no qualms about mixing dumb cartoony with intricate teendoodles and (semi) realism. Mind you, having no actual story does free things up a bit.


steve said...

yes, i remember my surreal phase, always happens around sixteen. the drawings are amazing though, and this is still a lot better than some of the "crazy" small press comics knocking about.

oliver east said...

big stoner were we?