Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Not my birthday for a while, but I have expensive tastes so here's giving you all notice.
clockwise from the left-

Paraboot shoes - £170

Vintage Martin Ukulele - £loads

Original Cut-throat Jake and Captain Pugwash puppets from the TV series - £900 and £1200

Mountain Goat - free I guess, if you can catch one

Rideable Panda, painted wrong - £ few hundred

Vintage ice cream van - I'm not really expecting this one, as I'm going to construct my own ice cream boat next summer - watch this space

Walt and Skeezix - The Gasoline Alley Sunday Strips - £40

Original Richard Scarry illustrations for Pierre the Bear $2000, and Nicky goes to the Doctor $1500, which I think is a very good price.

Popeye volume 2 (of 6 Thimble Theatre compilations) Fantagraphics books £13.79

Steam Launch - I saw Chantilly chug past on sunday morning and it was a beautiful thing! Prices start from a few grand (for unfinished projects), though upkeep will require covered boathouse, a lot of freetime and a bottomless sack of pound coins.

In the meantime, my gift to you, courtesy of the DFC - downloadable Crab Lane Crew BUDDY ICONS!

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steve said...

popeye 3 is out at the beginning of october. i also love the popeye books, and the moomin collections are amazing too.
looking forward to the ice cream boat.