Sunday, 18 January 2009

Comics and Health

Just got an email from this chap Ian Williams who seems to be doing some interesting research. -
"I'm a part time GP and alternative comics enthusiast, based in North
Wales and am convinced that certain comics could be a useful resource
for health professionals. I'm writing an MA dissertation along those
lines at the moment. I've also built a website:

which lists and reviews all the graphic novels and comics I have
found which have medical themes or threads within the narrative.
(there are a couple more waiting to be added- I keep finding more!)."

I've only had a quick look, but I think he's onto something in that certain titles must be more beneficial than the overcheerful canvases and mosaics that you seem to find in hospital corridors and waiting rooms. Not that art should be useful of course. In fact, sometimes the best thing about art is that it isn't useful. I think I've always been a bit dubious about art and 'healing', so it's good that someone seems to be approaching this academically.
Anyway, I'll be having a proper explore of his site as soon as I can, as you can tell I'm uninformed and don't know enough about it to add anything more at the moment.

I'm adding his link over there on the left (my left, not yours).

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