Monday, 12 January 2009

The New Inn

This is what I'm up to at the moment - finishing off the images and sorting out all the bits and pieces for my exhibition The New Inn - Jan 29th, Common, Manchester. It's gonna be dead good, and I'm really enjoying doing some drawing that doesn't involve scripting and panelling out. I'm also having fun using my Pentel brush pen, even though I'm still pretty clumsy with it.
The above image is Ancoats in the 1890's, and is just one of a larger bunch of drawings that will be adorning the walls AND available to take home as very reasonably priced giclee prints.

The press release -

Two years ago Jim Medway transformed our lovely establishment into the Northern Quarter's newest record shop and in doing so created easily one of the most popular exhibitions to have graced the walls of Common since it opened four years ago. Scenes of surly shop staff staring out from behind the counter at customers sifting through the racks, and portraits of some holding up their favourite make-believe records, were all brought to life by a cast of Jim's trademark animal characters. Since then Jim has settled down in the countryside with a family, and this new life of fresh air, fine ales and roaring fires has no doubt served as inspiration for his next project with us.

'The New Inn' is Jim Medway's affectionate nod to all those rapidly disappearing pubs he's been either "too scared to go in, or too keen to go where it's more expensive but at least girls might be there". For twelve weeks, Common will be transformed into the public house of yesteryear, complete with horsebrasses, toby jugs, dead plants and peeling wallpaper. Other cliche trappings include framed photographs of the area in days gone by, reworked by Jim and available to buy.

Jim Medway has exhibited across the UK and beyond, with work in the Art Council collection and Government Art Collection, and has a permanent wall drawing on show at Manchester Art Gallery. Jim has also illustrated Michael Smith's 'Shorty Loves Wing Wong' (Faber) and is currently working on his ongoing strip 'Crab Lane Crew' for weekly kids comic The DFC"



Exhibition Launch Party : Thursday 29th January 6pm - 9pm
With Midnight Mushrumps DJ's

Strictly Invitation only.

Send your NAME and ADDRESS, only TWO per application......

For invitations email :


39 to 41 Edge Street
Northern Quarter
Manchester M4 1HW

0161 832 9245


Oliver East said...

just asked for my invites.

Lester Sands said...

We're having our dinner there today. Olives, pitta, hummous and Medway. Nice.