Thursday, 4 June 2009

Hey 4 Eyes!

I was chuffed when CCS tutor Robyn Chapman asked me to contribute to her fantastic and highly specialised Hey 4 Eyes! spectacles 'zine. Especially as it was for the cover.
first idea

much better idea

final screenprinted version of full wraparound cover.

coptributors include ellen Lindner, Joseph Lamberty, Colleen Frakes, Harry & The Potters, Alec Longstreth, Tom Kaczynski, Robyn Chapman, Hilary Florido, Jon Chad, Scott Urban, Nate Beaty, Adriana Yugovich, Karen Sneider and Jeff Sharpe.
It also features my very own article on Colonel Blink (of The Beezer) - but you'll have to buy it to read it. But it's not for sale on her online shop yet, so I'll keep an eye out for when it is (or you could contact Robyn to pester her personally).

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Matt Badham said...

I really want a copy of this.