Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Well, not really an update, more a bunch of stuff I've scanned (as well as putting off doing some inking).

Bought a copy of The Beano the other week, just to see what it's like now. I think I'd been a bit down on it since I last looked - full of dreadful adverts, crappy art and stories - but I was pleasantly surprised. Yep, still adverts, but I guess that's how they do it for £1.25 rather than £3. But I was actually quite entertained and wasn't offended by any of it.
Highlights -

Gary Northfield's Derek the Sheep, (whose book compilation is to be featured in the list of free ones they give to kids to get them reading, which is great),

and Rasher. I've just looked up the artist as it represents how Beano strips ought to look in my opinion, and it turns out they're reprints of older David Sutherland strips. I'd like to shake this chap by the hand - Gary can you introduce me? He's 75 apparently, and still producing the odd strip.

In other news, this was found in High St Books, New Mills -

Never seen this guys stuff before, and he probably deserves a post of his own, but this cover will have to do for now. Fantastic colour, blurb and lettering, but why is it so off-centre?

Next is a picture of a police dog, done by someone during one of my sessions. I rescued it from the bin as I think it's a very nice police dog.

And finally, a retirement cake produced for Manchester Art Gallery curator Melva Croal. The painting in the background is Ford Maddox-Brown's Work, hence the funny joke.


Lester Sands said...

For older readers, Hunt Emerson, 70s and 80s underground comic artist, is drawing a strip for The Beano these days. I can't remember which one, but it's a two-pager.

Gary Northfield said...

I did have the pleasure of meeting David Sutherland last year at the Beano 70th anniversary bash. An absolute top gentleman who thoroughly loved his job.

Hunt has drawn a few things for The Beano: Little Plum, Ratz plus visualising classic poetry. Not sure what his current strip is though.