Monday, 31 August 2009

Range Riders Western

Hurrah for Scriveners - found this Pembertons of Manchester story paper for £1. Seems to be 1950, though that might be the date for the original and earlier US edition. I must find out who else (if anyone) was reprinting this kind of American stuff at the time. Did it have the same kind of escapist exotic appeal that manga has now? - a glimpse into an alien and exciting other world, far from the stifling dreariness of 1950's Britain. Saying that, the stories are rubbish.

I'm getting quite excited about this research stuff now, as new information is emerging and various artists and publishers are starting to be approached. Need to make sure I don't spend too much time and effort on it at the expense of cat drawing at the moment, though once a clearer picture of what we've got has taken shape, I'll be able to start thinking about approaching exhibition venues and costing the project up. Also I've got Mr Mike Noon on board as a fellow enthusiast, and he's cleverer than me so it will all turn out better.

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