Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Recommended reads

Had been wanting to read this for ages, but never saw a copy anywhere. Blank Slate also publish the excellent Oliver East, so I was keen to give this a go.
It's only small (4 inches wide), but this pocket size adds to the charm of German Mawil's brilliant artwork. He makes it look so easy, when actually it isn't. Sparky O'Hare is completely funny and lovely, and is only a fiver too.

Not a comic, but still counts as a good read - Fair Use (Notes From Spam) published by Bookworks. Ironically I can't put a link to Graham Parker's site as it warns me "it may harm your computer", but I shall when it's fixed.
Graham is a proper artist and a proper friend, and this beautifully produced slipcase package contains 5 booklets exploring spam and it's reliance on advancing technology.
Truly excellent and smart. £15.

I wish I was better at writing reviews. It's really hard, especially when somethings really good.

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