Friday, 16 October 2009

Joshua & Alex in Night at the Gallery

Just completed the final of 4 very enjoyable mornings of comic workshops at the Ark Pupil Referral Unit in Whitefield. One of the mornings was a trip to Manchester Art Gallery, which inspired our connect-the-plots comic (planned, drawn, printed and stapled in about an hour!) -
Joshua the Lion is taken from Landseer's amazing lifesize painting, and Alex is a fictional member of out group that gets left behind and locked in overnight.

click images to enlarge-

Congratulations to all the children and parents that took part - all have been brilliant in creating such a funny and skillfully drawn story. Keep drawing, everyone!
Also, thanks to all the staff for looking after me so nicely, and awarding me this great certificate -

They're the first place to ever have me back (last year's Bob & Bonecrusher comic posted here), so I'm chuffed about that too.

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