Thursday, 22 October 2009

Merry-Go-Round, October 1949

A recent very cheap eBay find, in my quest to explore the history of comics in Manchester. Published by JB Allen ("1180a Chester Road, Stretford, Lancs, and printed by BIBBY & BARON LTD London & Bury"), with a mix of adventure, funnies and non-comic stories, including 'Dick and Doris' written by Bunter creator Frank Richards. around the same time, John Bevan Allen also published a couple of other Richards (non-comic) titles. Further (lazy internet) investigation reveals previous titles Comet (1946 to 59)- succesful, and eventually bought by Amalgamated Press, Fitness and Sun (becoming simply Sun), and a handful of very shortlived titles.
Seems there were only 4 issues of Merry-Go-Round ever produced before it was incorporated into the brand new exciting Eagle (published by Hulton), in order to boost their post-war paper quota.

Comet incidentally featured the debut of Thunderbolt Jaxon, apparently still superheroing somewhere, drawn by Mancunian Hugh McNeill (who drew Pansy Potter in the first issue of the Beano, then worked on LOADS of other comics including many tots titles like Playhour and Jack & Jill)

I could go on, but at the moment, I won't.

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1180a Chester Road's right near my house