Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Playing Out

page 5, first rough. click to enlarge.

Not entirely happy with this yet, so describing it as a tester. Needs a lot more dark and midtones to enrichen it. Also I've not really thought out how many background figures this is going to involve - the whole thing is set in town on a bustling busy day, so need to decide exactly how much effort to invest in all the periphery stuff.

Connor, Kieran and Jamal are tutting about the price of a pair of trainers, when they spot a 'living statue' (talentless weirdo). On the following page, Jamal also strikes a pose and gets given a quid by someone for his efforts.


Oliver East said...

there's on outside TK Max that just moves all the time. he's rubbish.

shuan 8 pai said...

Not gonna lie, I loved those comics. :)


Jimski said...

Old folk look a bit like these statues what with the head to toe beige and all that.. oh and the stillness