Wednesday, 31 March 2010

HiEx Comics weekend, Inverness

Still alive, despite it being a month since I last posted here. I'm sure you've all coped as best as you can. Blame work, parenting and builders for my online absence. Anyway, I'm back, prettymuch.

Fun weekend in Inverness at the Hi-Ex comics weekend along with fellow DFCers Dave Shelton, Sarah Macintyre and Gary Northfield. Socially it was great, but financially not the smartest (probably because unlike the others, I had no beautiful new hardback to tout). Lots of kids attended, which made it much more fun than your usual comics event,

- on top of lots of zombies. In fact I got so desparate to make some cash that I started drawing zombie cat portraits (a surefire winner).

Some comic jams were passed around, including this one starring me, drawn final panel first then middle then first last (bad sentence) -

And this by me, Sarah and Dave-

Had lots of requests for (free) sketches, so insisted on swaps. Here's a small handful -


Oliver East said...

glad to see you're back jim.

Mike Noon said...

Nice beard, Popeye.

Gary said...

I too loved your beard.

Gary said...

I only seem to have coloured in half of Batman's glove too. Sorry about that.