Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I'm having a trial period with Twitter, and not sure what I make of it yet. I abandoned Facebook as a depressing waste of time so we'll see how we do. Anyway, I'm there known as catdrawerjim if you've time on your hands. And if I have.

Today I was asked for my autograph, twice. I was photocopying children's mushroom pictures at the gallery and a couple realised from my badge that I'm the one that did them cats.

Found a lovely set of 2nd hand A3 steel shelves for a nice price. So nice in fact that I'll probably post a photo of them as soon as I get someone to help me carry them up into my loft. Not got desk or anything sorted yet, so that's why I've not been particularly productive with drawing or this blogging.

Forthcoming - I'm doing some murals on the walls and associated illustrations for Manchester Art Galleries Superhero Summer show and events. It's all based around the classical/Greek myths and heros in a handful of their Victorian collection, and will be lots of fun for kids and parents alike. And quite a bit of work for me, which I'm not complaining about.

I've had an idea for a new Jim Medway book - a silent woodcut (well linocut) novel, working title The Olden Days. I shall do absolutely no research into historical accuracy, just to see if it matters or not. Place your pre-orders now!

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