Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mid February Update

Recently completed
- my work as lead artist on Manchester Art Gallery's Grayson Perry/Visual Dialogues exhibition - I'll write something proper about this when I get a chance.
- Comical Animal issue 2 - all looking good, plus a nice review here from Richard Bruton.
-Three days of figure drawing with Y10 at Parrs Wood high school. All happy as far as I can tell.
- A day teaching illustration foundation students at Camberwell. Talented bunch, and a very nice day.

In the middle of
- a set of images for Moods of Norway - advocates of cocktail farming and pink trawler parties. Was struggling with watercolours, so bought myself a set of inks and can't understand why I've not done it years ago. Shall show you the results, but not before they are launched properly.

and forthcoming
- some Create Comics workshops in Leeds
- and finishing the undercoat on the outside of our boat.

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steve said...

let us know if you want to meet up when you come to leeds!